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Exhausting Fire Cassette


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Released Oct 2, 2015 Season Of Mist

Kylesa - Exhausting Fire Cassette


Album Details

In its current incarnation the band from Savannah, Georgia in the United States is made up of Phillip Cope, Laura Pleasants, and Carl McGinley. Their live show will still see the Americans as a five piece including a second drummer. 'Exhausting Fire' provides a crowning example of the positive output that comes at the hands of their incendiary and powerful, yet nuanced and colourful framework. Following on the heels of the challenging 'Ultraviolet' (2013) and keeping this band's tradition of artistic broad jumps that they have exhibited since forming in 2001, 'Exhausting Fire' hurls even more rulebook pages out the tour van window. KYLESA further explore and incorporate psychedelic rock, new wave, space-age twangy Americana, 80s goth and death rock into their pitch-thick DIY punk/metal roots. 'Exhausting Fire' easily representing the most diverse, dynamic and fully-realized work of their discography.


Inward Debate
Moving Day
Lost and Confused
Shaping The Southern Sky
Night Drive
Blood Moon
Growing Roots
Out Of My Mind

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