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The Artist In The Ambulance 2XLP


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Released Nov 24, 2014 Cobraside

Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance 2XLP

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Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Clear (LIMITED)
2014 Thrice Vinyl Reissue. Gatefold sleeve, full-color insert.

Album Details

Thrice's third release, their first for Island records, gets a proper reissue from on Obscure Alternatives. The album has been restored to the original artwork of the 2003 release, along with the bonus track "Eclipse" which is not available on the commercial CD release. It peaked at number 16 on the Billboard 200. Gatefold sleeve, full-color insert.


Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
Under a Killing Moon
All That's Left
Stare at the Sun
Paper Tigers
Hoods on Peregrine
The Melting Point of Wax
Blood Clots and Black Holes
"The Artist in the Ambulance
The Abolition of Man
Don't Tell and We Won't Ask

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