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House Of Ill Fame Boxset

The Trews

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Released Nov 24, 2023 Nettwerk Records

The Trews - House Of Ill Fame 20th Anniversary

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20th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition Boxset

Album Details

Casewrapped Box Set. Acclaimed Canadian rock band The Trews introduced their magnetic and massive sound on the full-length debut album, House Of Ill Fame, in 2003. Drawing on rock, pop, punk, and metal, the band took over radio in Canada with 'Not Ready To Go', and twenty years and a Canadian Platinum certification later, the songs still pack their original punch. Upon release, Sputnik Music raved "All of the songs are great, spectacular even. And many have an insanely catchy beat to them, making this possibly one of the best rock records in a while." The album kickstarted an incredible journey for the band.

Always renowned for their energy on stage, this 20th Anniversary Box Set brings together the original record on vinyl with a second LP ("Trews Alive") featuring cuts from two live shows from late summer 2004 - Event In The Tent and Wakestock - The Trews at their most electrifying! The box also includes the brand new "Bits & Pieces" CD - 22 tracks of previously unreleased songs, demos, and alternate takes. Topped off with a 24-page book overflowing with tour photos, newspaper cut-outs, gig posters, lyrics, and writings from John-Angus himself, as well as Canada's preeminent authority on rock, Alan Cross, this box set is an absolute must on the shelf of any serious collector.


- Disc 1 -
1 Every Inambition
2 Not Ready to Go
3 Confessions
4 When You Leave
5 Tired of Waiting
6 Hopeless
7 Fleeting Trust
8 Why Bother
9 Black Halo
10 You're So Sober
11 Hollis and Morris
12 Stray
- Disc 2 -
1 When You Leave
2 Black Halo
3 Fleeting Trust
4 Tired of Waiting
5 Hopeless
6 Hollis and Morris
7 Not Ready to Go
8 Every Inambition
9 Fleeting Trust
10 Hollis and Morris
11 Tired of Waiting
12 Stray
- Disc 3 -
1 Every Inambition (Alternate Version)
2 Not Ready to Go (Demo)
3 It's Always Been the Same (Early "Confessions" Demo)
4 When You Leave (Alternate Version)
5 Tired of Waiting (Demo)
6 Hope (Less) (Demo)
7 Fleeting Trust (Alternate Take)
8 Why Bother (Alternate Version)
9 Black Halo (Demo)
10 You're So Sober (Alternate Version)
11 Stray (Demo)
12 So Take What You Can (Outtake)
13 Nowhere Left to Stand
14 Tired of Waiting (Acoustic)
15 See Her Now (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
16 Freedom Gold (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
17 If I Could Call You Friend (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
18 Morning Music (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
19 Not Ready to Go (Acoustic)
20 Oh Well, Well, Well (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)
21 Ska Song (Early "When You Leave" Demo)
22 The Breaker (Previously Unreleased Original Demo)

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