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The Early Years LP

The Starting Line

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Released Oct 31, 2012 srcvinyl

The Starting Line The Early Years Vinyl


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Vinyl Color:
Coke Bottle Clear (LTD 350)
Randomly Colored Half-Half (LTD 1,000) - SOLD OUT
Clear Green (LTD 200) - SOLD OUT

Album Details

180 Gram Coke Bottle Clear
The Early Years was recorded in 2001, right before Starting Line signed to Drive-Thru records. The band had originally been signed to We the People Records, and this was supposed to be released on WTP (which is why people sometimes refer to it as the "We the People Sessions"). Shortly after recording the album, Richard and Stefanie Reines signed the band to Drive-Thru Records, and a few of the songs appeared on the "With Hopes of Starting Over" EP. Most of these songs have somehow managed to find their way onto the internet, but this will be the first official release of this album.


Almost There, Going Nowhere
Left Coast Envy
Thanks, You're the Best
Break Up Day
Cheek to Cheek
The Drama Summer
Birch Hill
Forever and a Day
West Girl Scout Road
Hold On

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