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Say It Like You Mean It 2XLP

The Starting Line

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Released Aug 22, 2014 srcvinyl

The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It 2XLP Vinyl


Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Clear

Pressing Details
- Double 180 Gram vinyl with D Side Etching
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Gatefold jacket, 11 x 11 Insert

Previous Pressings

180 Gram Green (Pantone 5777c) and 180 Gram Blue (Pantone 7696c) Haze - LTD 750 Copies
180 Gram Tan - LTD 750 copies  SOLD OUT
180 Gram Green (Pantone 5777c) - SRC Exclusive, LTD 500 copies! - SOLD OUT
180 Gram Blue (Pantone 7696c) - LTD 1500 copies! LTD 1,500 - SOLD OUT

Album Details

Not many 17-year-olds could say that they are already living out their dreams, but for The Starting Line's singer/bass player, Ken Vasoli, life is one big dream. After signing to Drive-Thru at the tender age of 16, Ken took night and summer classes so that he could graduate from High School a year early. What was supposed to be his senior year of school turned into every kid's fantasy: a year of touring, traveling the country, meeting new people, making new friends, and flying to the U.K. for the first time to play with labelmates and newfound friends New Found Glory. The Starting Line's first release in July 2001 was the 5-song EP With Hopes of Starting Over, which proved to be more rewarding than the band could have ever imagined. Twenty-five thousand copies later, TSL is selling out 300-800 capacity venues across the country on their first-ever headlining tour.
Say It Like You Mean It, TSL's debut full-length  showcases a more mature style of songwriting well beyond their years,without compromising the sense of untainted youth and freshness. The charm of this band is overflowing in the story-style lyrics, the urgency and the sincerity. The buzz is strong, and is only getting bigger.


Side A

Up & Go
Given the Chance
The Best of Me
A Goodnight's Sleep

Side B

Almost There, Going Nowhere
Cheek to Cheek
Hello Houston
Decisions, Decisions
Saddest Girl Story

Side C

Left Coast Envy
The Drama Summer
This Ride
The Best Of Me (Acoustic)
Greg's Last Day

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