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Chuck LP

Sum 41

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Released Feb 9, 2017 srcvinyl

Sum 41 - Chuck LP


Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Opaque Red With Black Haze 
First Pressing (SOLD OUT)
180 Gram Army Green (LTD 500, SRC Exclusive)
180 Gram Red (LTD 600, Hot Topic Exclusive)
180 Gram Clear

Pressing Details:
- Single 180 Gram Vinyl
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Gatefold Jacket, 11 x 22 Insert

Album Details

Chuck is the third studio album from Canadian rock band Sum 41. The album was released on October 12, 2004. It is the band's last album to feature lead guitarist Dave Baksh. Chuck has peaked at No. 2 on the Canadian Albums chart and was the band's highest-charting album until it would be surpassed by Underclass Hero in 2007.

The album's lyrical content has been described as darker and more mature than the band's previous work, with subjects on politics being driven by the band's experience in the Congo while shooting a documentary film.The album had a slightly different sound from the band's previous work, mixing in their pop punk influence with nu metal and adult alternative. The album proved to be a success, receiving acclaim from both critics and fans, as well as selling over 5 million copies. Singles such as "We're All To Blame" and "Pieces" gained success on the Canadian and American charts, and the album won a Juno Award for "Rock Album of the Year" in 2005.


No Reason
We're All To Blame
Angels With Dirty Faces
Some Say
The Bitter End
Open Your Eyes
Slipping Away
I'm Not The One
Welcome To Hell
There's No Solution

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