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Let The Dominoes Fall 2XLP


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Released Jun 2, 2009 Epitaph

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall 2XLP

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A ready-made punk classic that'll take its place beside "And Out Come The Wolves" as a touchstone of the genre. The new songs show a lyrical depth perhaps best shown in two tracks that center the album, "Civilian Ways" and "The Bravest Kids". Punk has often seen the world as "us vs. them", but with these songs - a sensitive portrait of a returning serviceman and a loving tribute to those who serve - Rancid show an empathy for working Americans that recalls Springsteen or Petty. Formats include regular CD, double LP, and expanded version. The expanded edition contains the regular CD, acoustic CD, DVD, three foldout posters, and four guitar picks. Produced once again by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX). Nearly three million albums sold - one platinum ("And Out Come The Wolves") and one gold ("Let's Go"). Look for Rancid on a stadium tour with Rise Against this summer.


Side A
East Bay Night
This Place
Up To No Good
Last One To Die

Side B
I Ain't Worried
New Orleans
Civilian Ways
The Bravest Kids
Full Length Vinyl
Side A
Skull City
L.A. River
Dominoes Fall
Liberty and Freedom
Side B

You Want It, You Got It
That's Just The Way It Is Now
The Highway

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