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Slip LP


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Released Sep 11, 2012 srcvinyl

Quicksand Slip Vinyl LP


Vinyl Details

Current pressing on 180 Gram Clear Vinyl Limited to 1,000 copies
Tip On Jackets
Hand Numbered
Previous Pressings include (all sold out):
180 Gram Red/ Black Swirl (LTD 500) - Shop Radio Cast Exclusive
180 Gram Green/ Yellow Swirl (LTD 500) - Shop Radio Cast Exclusive
180 Gram Black (LTD 500) - Dine Alone Records Exclusive
180 Gram Solid Red
20th Anniversary Edition 180 Gram Black in Tip On Jackets and gold foil sticker. Limited to 1,000 and hand numbered.

Album Details

First official vinyl reissue of Quicksands major label debut "Slip" since its original pressing in 1993. Remastered and pressed on limited edition 180 Gram vinyl. Housed in a gatefold jacket and includes a Euro inner sleeve. Slip is the debut studio album by American post-hardcore band Quicksand, released February 9, 1993 on the Polydor label. "Omission" and "Unfulfilled" first appeared on their 1990 self-titled EP. The album is included in Decibel magazine's Hall of Fame. Slip was well received by music critics and is now seen to be a classic in the Post-Hardcore and Alternative metal genres and has influenced many bands.


Head to Wall
Dine Alone
Freezing Process
Lie and Wait
Can Opener
Too Official
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths cover)

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