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All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time LP


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Released Dec 10, 2013 srcvinyl

Piebald - All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time Vinyl

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Vinyl Color: Coke Bottle Clear (LTD 500)

Album Details

Stones, Hendrix, and Tom Petty to legendary indie-rockers like Weezer, the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr.. Pavement, Superchunk, and Spoon to even left-of-center rap acts like A Tribe Called Quest, it's a record that ventures far beyond the clich'd constraints of the "emo" pigeonhole in which Piebald are so often mistakenly placed (note the jaunty piano romp "Part Of Your Body Is Made Out Of Rock," the dream-rock sea-shanty "All Senses Lost," or the twee, Shins-like powerpop of "Giving Cup"). Says Travis of Piebald's all-encompassing musical styles, "We don't really feel we're an emo band; we're really more just like hippies that use distortion! Most of the time we're put in a category with emo bands, but we don't really hear the real connection. So we don't like that we're called that ' but then again, we don't really like that any band is called that."
Although All Ears was produced by Paul Q. Kolderie (Cave-In, Dinosaur Jr., fireHOSE, Hole, Pixies, Radiohead), Piebald were admittedly still worried about whether they could top their previous landmark effort, We Are The Only Friends We Have. "You always want to like your new record more and feel that it's better than your last one, otherwise you wouldn't want to put it out," says Travis. "But Paul was really excited about the new songs, and all the people at the studio were excited, and it felt like we were on the right track, even though we didn't know for sure. And in the end, I think we at least did comparably musically. You still get what you need from a Piebald record. It's different, but you still get sufficiently rocked."


The Benefits Of Ice Cream
Present Tense
Human Taste Test
The Jealous Guy Blues
All Senses Interlude
Haven't Tried It
Giving Cup
Par Of Your Body Is Made Out Of Rock
The Song That Launched A Thousand Ships
Put Your Slippers On Instead
Get Old Or Die Young
New Boston Interlude
All Senses Lost
The Six Eighter
All Sense Is Lost Postitude

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