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Accidental Gentleman LP


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Released Dec 10, 2013 srcvinyl

Piebald - Accidental Gentleman

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Vinyl Color: Gold (LTD 500)

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There's definitely a human feeling in this record.' That's what Piebald guitarist/vocalist Travis Shettel says about his band's latest, Accidental Gentlemen (SideOneDummy Records), and the fact that ' like most of the Piebald back catalog which dates back to 1995 ' it's an album that was largely tracked to analog tape, foregoing the preferred computer-based methods of recording these days. 'When you compare it to many other records on the market, they sound like a weird robot machine playing songs that may or may not be good. This album sounds like human beings.'
And it's that personal nature that's the charm and truth of Accidental Gentlemen, an album title that partially admits to Piebald's admission of a few faults. 'The recording style was a little more haphazard than our previous albums, but in a way I think it reflects the kind of people we are,' says Shettel. 'We're gentlemen at heart, but a bit sloppy by nature. We're coming from a sort-of losers' standpoint, trying to win.'


A Friend of Mine
Don't Tell Me Nothing
There's Always Something Better To Do (The Strutter)
Oh, The Congestion
Shark Attack
On And On
Getting Mugged and Loving It
Life on the Farm
Nature Wins
Roll On
We Can Not Read Poetry

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