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Buddha Cassette

Blink 182

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Released Aug 5, 2014 Kung Fu Records

Blink 182 - Buddha Cassette


Album Details

The first full-length Blink 182 release (and the only independently distributed one), Buddha was recorded in the early 90s but released for the first time on CD and vinyl in 1998. The vinyl has been out of print for so many years that if you wanted to buy it used, as of today, it would cost about $100 on the used market. The band is back together, touring heavily and Kung Fu is finally satisfying the demand for this “rarest” of rare Blink 182 collectables and the never before available picture disc. Digitally remixed and re-mastered by Mark Hoppus himself.


Romeo & Rebecca
21 Days
Point Of View
My Pet Sally
Reebok Commercial
Toast & Bananas
The Girl Next Door

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