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Volume 1 (Orange) LP

Fear of Pop

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Released Apr 12, 2019 srcvinyl

Fear of Pop - Volume 1 (Orange) Vinyl LP

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Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Orange

Vinyl Details:

  • Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio
  • Plated and pressed on high-quality vinyl at RTI
  • Matte finish jacket and 11 x 22 Insert

SRCVinyl 10th Anniversary TIN Vinyl Series
On March 1st, 2019 SRCVinyl is turning 10 years old! To celebrate this, 'tin' anniversary we will be releasing a series of uniquely pressed "Tin" records. We will pressing both a variety of new, never before released titles on this exclusive tin variant as well as many of our favorite titles. 

Album Details

In celebration of the albums 20th anniversary Fear of Pop's "Volume I" will be pressed on limited colored vinyl via SRCVinyl. Giving it the full SRCHIFI treatment, Volume I has been mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio and pressed at RTI. The record will be housed in a matte LP jacket and include a dull text 11 x 22 insert.
Volume 1 is the name of the first album by the experimental band Fear of Pop. The album was a project of Ben Folds, John Mark Painter, Fleming McWilliams, and others. It was originally released on November 17, 1998 on 550 Records (with distribution from Sony Records).

Although Folds, Southern and Painter were the primary contributors to the records, a large cast of other musicians were included as well. William Shatner provided vocals on "In Love" (as well as the reprise, "Still in Love"). Painter's wife, Fleming McWilliams, sang on several tracks. Frally Hynes, Folds' Australian then-girlfriend (and wife from 1999 to 2007) performed frantic lead vocals on "Root to This" ("root" being a crude Australian slang term for sexual intercourse). Folds sang on a number of songs as well.

The track "Rubber Sled" is a humorous reference to Ben Folds Five bass player Robert Sledge. A clip of Brick by Ben Folds Five is playing in the background at the beginning of this song, though played at twice its normal speed, and a sample of Folds yelling "Robert Sledge on the bass guitar!" can be heard approximately halfway through the song. "I Paid My Money" was at least almost a decade old at the time it was recorded in 1998. The original 1990 demo version featured Folds singing over an African-American choir.


Fear Of Pop
Slow Jam '98
In Love
Avery M. Powers Memorial Beltway
I Paid My Money
Rubber Sled
Root To This
Still In Love

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