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From Parts Unknown LP

Every Time I Die

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Released Jul 1, 2014 Epitaph

Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown LP

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Buffalo's magnificently brutal metallic punk ensemble Every Time I Die present From Parts Unknown. The 2014 album was produced by hard music legend Kurt Ballou, guitarist of Converge, who has helmed recent buzz albums from Kvelertak, Nails, and High On Fire, and offers an unrelenting onslaught of ingeniously composed and furiously executed cathartic hardcore. This is the band s highly anticipated follow up to 2012 s raging masterwork Ex Lives. From the syncopated chaos of the opening salvo "The Great Secret" to the melodic mosh of "Old Light" as close as ETID have ever come to a radio-friendly unit shifter From Parts Unknown sees Every Time I Die pushing the limits of their own sound.


The Great Secret
Pelican Of The Desert
Decayin' With The Boys
If There Is Room To Move, Things Move
Old Light
All Structures Are Unstable
El Dorado

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