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The Slim Shady 2XLP


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Released Feb 23, 1999 Aftermath

Eminem - The Slim Shady 2XLP

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Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) continues to salute many of hip-hop’s finest with the Respect The Classics campaign which spotlights iconic, genre-defining albums from the Def Jam, Interscope, Priority, and Virgin Records vaults. Their newest installment is the vinyl reissue of Eminem's career making 1999 album The Slim Shady LP which has been out of print on the format since its original release and comes just in time for its 15th anniversary. Serving as one of the greatest rappers of all time's major label debut, The Slim Shady LP was recorded in Ferndale, Michigan following Eminem’s recruitment to Aftermath/Interscope by mentor Dr. Dre. Chock full of dazzling lyrical escapades that delve into the mind of a violently warped and vulgar yet extremely talented wordsmith, the 20-cut double album collection contains some of the most memorable and demented lyrics ever recorded. "Everyone remembers the first time they heard Eminem's The Slim Shady LP. Likely introduced to it through the biggest possible cosign for a rapper via Dr. Dre, or through its Earth-shattering lead single "My Name Is," fans quickly became enthralled with a then 26-year-old Detroit native named Marshall Mathers. A self-described drug-and sex-fueled rapper obsessed with anti-political-correctness and violence, Mathers established himself quickly as a singular artist with a superhero's talent and a mind as dextrous as his verbal delivery.


Public Service Announcment
My Name Is
Guilty Conscience
Brain Damage
If I Had
97' Bonnie & Clyde
Role Model
My Fault
Ken Kaniff
Cum On Everybody
Rock Bottom
Just Don't Give A Fuck
As The World Turns
I'm Shady
Bad Meets Evil
Still Don't Give A Fuck

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