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This Addiction LP

Alkaline Trio

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Released Feb 23, 2010 Epitaph

Alkaline Trio - This Addiction LP

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Alkaline Trio It's been 11 years since Alkaline Trio released their first full-length album, Goddamnit. In that time, they've toured the world, sold over a million records, and expanded their sound radically beyond their original straight-ahead punk style, incorporating production slick enough to earn them mass exposure on outlets like MTV's The Hills. Now with This Addiction, their seventh album and first for Epitaph, the Chicago rockers are heading back to their roots. the 7" configuration is exclusive to Hot Topic


This Addiction
Dine, Dine My Darling
Lead Poisoning
Dead On The Floor
The American Scream
Off The Map
Eating Me Alive
Piss And Vinegar

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