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Very Proud Of Ya LP


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Released Jun 18, 1996 Nitro Records

AFI - Very Proud Of Ya LP

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1996's Very Proud of Ya served as AFI's second full-length release overall and first for Nitro. Produced by Michael Rosen, the 20-track affair is fast and furious and features only 5 cuts that clock in at over 2-minutes. Straight ahead old school hardcore and the last of its kind in the band's catalog, AFI even rerecords two songs -"Two of a Kind" and "Yürf Rendenmein" - from their debut for good measure here.


He Who Laughs Last...
File 13
Wake-Up Call
Perfect Fit
Advances In Modern Technology
Theory Of Revolution
This Secret Ninja
Soap-Box Derby
Aspirin Free
Charles Atlas
Crop Tub
Consult My Lover
Take The Test
Two Of A Kind
Shatty Fatimas
Yurf Rendenmeim
Cruise Control
Modern Epic

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